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The washing machines are equipped with 5 washing programs. To make the choice easier, we present below a table with information on what type of fabric is intended for washing in a particular program. It is always worth verifying this information with the description on the tag of each item put into the washing machine.

  1. WOOL – wash in cold water for wool fabrics. Also safe for delicate fabrics requiring gentle washing
  2. DELICATE – wash delicate fabrics and clothes, ideal for lace, bras and other hand-washed clothes
  3. COLORS – For everyday washing of colored clothes that crease easily , such as jeans. Protects light and dark colors from fading or dyeing
  4. CUSTOM – For washing everyday closets, both white and colored. Reduces creases and prevents shrinking of fabrics
  5. HEAT – Warm water for medium soils, not requiring very high temperatures. For washing everyday closets
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There are four dryers in the laundry room: 15 kg. Before drying, pay attention to the information on the tag. If there is a symbol of a circle inscribed in a square on it, the clothes can be safely put into the dryer drum. However, remember to select the program and temperature for the type of material. The same symbol, but crossed out, informs that the fabric should not be dried in the dryer. The drying temperature should not be higher than the recommended laundry temperature on the label, i.e. 70 / 60 / 50 / 40 / no heat.

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